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Who We Are

Old School Burgers was conceived out of a desire to provide fresh quality food to our neighbors and friends as well as help cultivate a service oriented team environment. Our team cares about the guest experience and have helped us grow with their attention to detail, dedication and care.

Our Story
Old School Burgers is a family owned and operated business.  In 2018, after spending 20 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Chris McCarthy bought into Old School Willow Grove and immediately set out to grow the business.  In December of 2019 Old School Burgers opened its second location with sights set on many more.  Just a few months later the pandemic hit and shuttered businesses across this country.  Old School had to adapt their model like many others.  We were blessed to survive that chaotic time and sought out help in continued growth.  In February of 2021 three of Chris' brothers joined Old School with a goal to open our 3rd location.  In October of 2021 we opened Old School New Britain.  With the goal of continued growth in mind Shawn McCarthy took control of business operations after spending 30+ years in product management and with his wife Terri and  brothers Dan McCarthy & wife Tammi and Chris McCarthy & wife Emily have continued to push the dream forward.  Old School has consolidated our business to run with Willow Grove and New Britain as our operating locations and we hope to add to that later this year.  Special thanks to Brian & Chrissy McCarthy with Stella Mariae Investments for their believe and investment in Old School Burgers.

Charitable Giving
At Old School Burgers, we believe in standing up for the vulnerable, Helping out our neighbors, and doing what's right.  We are happy to assist in your fundraising efforts or community outreach.